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Obligatory "About Me" Junk

The Basics

I was a hardcore developer for over 15 years. My experience includes working on a DNA analysis program, helping design and build a web based curriculum management system, and developing customized and highly complex customer relationship management (CRM) systems for companies such as Compaq, GM, Diebold, Trane, and John Deere.

After that I worked as a web builder, creating and webmastering various sites like:

Those sites have moved on to other support and administration options, and I'm no longer interested in doing web development.

I've also explored my entrepreneurial side by working on Shire Silver, which is a better form of precious metal bullion. I do seem to be more of an inventor than an entrepreneur though, and need people with complementary skills to partner with.

Over time I have moved politically through libertarianism to anarchism. Since anarchism is a fairly loaded term, to be more specific I like to use the terms agorist and voluntaryist. But these are all extensions and interpretations of the Non Aggression Principle. Anarcho-Capitalist is also a fitting term.


I was a vegetarian for 17 years. When I started it I did feel healthier, which I think was mostly from eating less of the typical crap that is the Standard American Diet (aka SAD). But after a while I started getting Irritable Bowel Sydrome, my anxiety attacks became worse, and I gained a lot of weight.

Around 2010 I was forced to drop teh vegetarian diet and started hearing about alternatives. I looked into a friend's anti-diabetes diet (which was basically Keto) and also FODMAPs. Eventually I learned a lot more, including how the American health community has been miseducated into thinking carbohydrates are "good" and fats are "bad". After finally using bth the Keto diet and Intermittent Fasting, my health has improved greatly and I am also exercising regularly.


I moved to Newport, New Hampshire on May 1st 2005 as a member of the Free State Project. Since then I've built a house in Deerfield, had that foreclosed and moved to Henniker, then Manchester, then Grafton, then back to Manchester, then Seabrook, then a permaculture farm in the Raymond area for six years. Somewhere in there I spent a month in Weare. I am now in an apartment in Manchester again.

What I do

Like most people, I do lots of stuff:

  • I volunteered for a year as a reporter for the local online newspaper, covering the school board
  • I was elected as a Trustee of the Trust Funds for Deerfield
  • I have been active in state and local politics
  • I was a Liberty Dollar Associate starting in 1999
  • I was the driving force behind the Shire Silver project

These days I'm working as a route courier. I'm finally putting the driving skills I learned while acting as a chauffer in the Army to good use.

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