This is news?

Sun, 08/12/2007 - 09:03 -- rhelwig

Today the Concord Monitor reported the "results" of the Iowa straw poll. They were very careful to not make the article worth reading. The Union Leader didn't do any better.

You had to go all the way to the last two paragraphs to read any of the numbers besides Romney's. They even went out of their way to not mention Ron Paul, the only worthwhile major party candidate. They specifically mentioned the second, third, fourth, and sixth place; but not the fifth. Does that make any sense? Only if they are actually trying to make him lose.

In any event, if this had been a real news article, it would have put the numbers near the beginning, probably as a chart or table. It also wouldn't have been so laden with commentary. Perhaps they would have mentioned that one of the counting machines was broken. They certainly should have mentioned that all the machines used are insecure and easily hacked. Where's the mention of how many ticket holders voted and how many didn't?

Its no wonder that more and more people are turning to the new media (AKA the Internet) and leaving the old media behind.

BTW, here is a blog entry with the results.

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