Otis can swim!

Tue, 06/26/2007 - 13:25 -- rhelwig

I took Kevin's boat out for a bit this morning. I got a few pictures on my phone, but was reluctant to take it along with Otis in the boat.

Otis on shore 1: Otis on the shore, as seen from the boat. Boating 3: The house, as seen from a boat on Freese pond. Otis on shore 2: Otis coming out for a swim! Boating 2 Boating

After dropping off the phone, I picked up Otis for his first boat ride. He loved it! He was especially excited to see a large heron - he even started to try getting out of the boat.

After a short trip I let him off at the dock. Then I tried to go out again, but he came swimming out after me and even tried to get back in the boat. I guess we have a new fun activity for Otis.

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