Puppy Non Grata

Fri, 06/22/2007 - 21:49 -- rhelwig

Otis has been a bad boy lately.

The other day I had trustee training. When I came home there was a note from the animal control officer. After playing phone tag a bit I got the story. Apparently Otis dug his way out of the kennel and was playing in traffic on the highway (thankfully in the 35 MPH zone). The good folks at the local convenience store called the cops on him. So I had to spend an hour hauling large rocks to shore up the bottom of the fence.

Then this morning I was driving some gravel to the far end of the drive, and Otis jumped out of the car. He ran at full speed out to the road and around the corner. Then I heard a dog squealing. Otis had jumped on the dog some lady was out walking. Apparently there was no permanent damage.

So, Otis has spent the day being ignored (a harsh punishment for a dog with a case of separation anxiety), and his outside kennel door has been closed. No running in the woods chasing squirrels, no biscuits, no rides in the car. He's been begging for forgiveness, and he is hard to resist.

Oh, and the trustee training was mostly stuff that any decently educated high school graduate should know. Of course since most high school graduates didn't get a decent education, for most people it was worthwhile.

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