Building a Hobbit Hole in Grafton

Mon, 09/03/2007 - 10:16 -- rhelwig

My roommate Anthony and I went up to Grafton to help Kat and Russell work on their new home. We hadn't seen it before, and all we knew was that they are building it using the 'rammed earth' technique. When we showed up, Lloyd, Mike(?), and the family had just started working on digging the trenches for the foundation and using the dirt to level off the area. Anthony and I started helping just about the time they all went off for lunch.

After a short while, Bill "Bald Eagle" and Kate showed up to help; and a little later Lauren also showed up, bringing along "Menno". Nate AKA "Picaro" was also there, and with the whole crew working at it, we did some awesome work.

We moved a lot of dirt, and built a retaining wall out of native rocks. Of course us guys got into trying to see what was the largest rock we could move.

After a day of good work, we went to a pizza place nearby in Canaan. Pretty good pizza, and great company.

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