Why I Won't Be Supporting Fred Thompson

Sun, 09/09/2007 - 12:37 -- rhelwig

A good friend of mine noticed that I support Ron Paul for President. He asked me what I thought of Fred Thompson. Now for most people I'd either ignore them or give them a quick answer. However, this guy is intelligent, thoughtful, and worth giving a more complete answer. So I did some research on Fred Thompson. Here's why I won't be supporting him.

The Basics

The good

Apparently Thompson wants to be seen as a moderate conservative. He claims to support lowering taxes and thinks we need to get rid of the IRS. He seems to understand that free trade is a good thing. He has supported the idea of at least partially privatizing Social Security. He is at least moderately in favor of the Second Amendment.

One of the primary principles he espouses is federalism. I really doubt he'll be any more consistent than Mike Huckabee though.

The bad

He is a lawyer

As a lawyer, he is part of the judicial branch, and therefore is disqualified from the other branches. Most especially, a lawyer should never be allowed to become a part of the legislative branch, due to the obvious conflict of interest.

He is pro-war, and thus anti-life

He has lobbied for and continues to support the invasion of Iraq. Because of this, he cannot be elected. The vast majority of the population is against the war.

He also believes there is a "war on terror", which is absurd on the face of it - you can't have a war on an emotion.

He is against free speech

He was one of the major supporters of the McCain-Feingold incumbent protection act that prohibits grassroots organizations from informing voters about candidates positions during the time the voters are most attentive.

He is against other civil liberties

He voted for the offensive Defense of Marriage Act.

He appears to be confused on the idea of separation of church and state.

In violation of the 10th amendment and federalism, he supports the war on drug users.


So, I cannot support Fred Thompson because:

  • Being pro-war, he cannot win the general election
  • He is anti-civil rights
  • He is a Washington D.C. insider
  • His support for federalism appears weak at best
  • There is a much better candidate who is actually worth supporting

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