Springing back into action

Mon, 04/21/2008 - 00:09 -- webmaster

After being sick for over a week, I'm finally getting into Spring. We got the boat out, and Otis has been enjoying standing on the prow while we do all the work. We're going to start working on the range again soon, probably this week. Today we had more people over for the "church of John Browning", including some kids who got to shoot under the supervision of an NRA certified trainer.

This week we need to put in some more raised beds for the garden. We're planning on growing a lot more veggies this year than last. There's even plans to have a fellow porcupine give classes in canning, that I might have to attend.

We also need to start preparing for next year's firewood. We used about 3 cords here, and we have friends who have asked for 4 more. That's a lot of cutting and splitting. Thankfully, after last year's practice, it shouldn't be a big deal.

I really need to get back into exercising, but with all the work that needs getting done around here, I have a hard time finding the time. Otis loves going for walks, almost as much as he enjoys riding in the car or boat. Even with no "real job", I barely have enough time to not fall behind on the task list.

That being said, it is great to get outside and get stuff done. The weather has been excellent so far this Spring. We've even managed to avoid the flooding that wreaked havoc last year. If it stays nice out for a few weeks, I might even get ahead of the game.

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