Facebook Usage

Mon, 12/08/2008 - 12:13 -- rhelwig

Quite a lot of my organizing and updating is now happening on my account on Facebook. Facebook has proven to be a useful tool for keeping track of my friends and events.

However, as useful as Facebook is, it can also become a time-sink - one that I really can't afford. While I would enjoy participating in "snowball fights", "drinking with friends", and other fun but trivial online activities; it quickly becomes too much. Consequentially, I'm going to stop participating in the "just for fun" stuff on Facebook, and will use it more professionally.

This means I won't be accepting drink offers, super pokes, or other stuff like that. That being said, please do continue to:

  • invite me to events
  • invite me to join worthy causes
  • invite me to join interesting groups
  • keep me aware of your activities
  • post lots of pictures and videos - especially of activism

Accordingly, I have removed several "apps", and hopefully can now happily continue to use Facebook productively without it being a drain on my productive time.

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