Catching my breath

Wed, 01/09/2008 - 23:04 -- rhelwig

OK, I'm on break.

After Otis broke his pelvis chasing the plow guy, we got a week long visit by 10 young Ron Paul supporters. These guys were great, and joined dozens more coming in from all over the country to campaign for Ron Paul. I hope most of them join the Free State Project and move up here soon.

Right after the crew showed up, I had to leave for 4 days in Nashua for the Liberty Forum. I worked as a volunteer, spending most of my time around the registration desk. Unfortunately, I caught something, probably from John McAncient who was staying there because that's where he stayed when he won the New Hampshire primary the last time. I did get to see Wilford Brimley, leader of "really freaking old people for McCain"; and supposedly someone got a picture of him with our resident curmudgeon Lloyd.

Some friends and I had a vendor table at the Liberty Forum, and I set out my Liberty Dollars. One of the guys worked the table and was able to sell off all of my silver! I also got to sit up front for the awesome speech that Bernard von Nothaus gave. I skipped the speeches by Senator Sununu and even the packed house Ron Paul speech/rally.

Anyway, after 4 days of very little Internet, I had to spend several hours catching up on email. Then I spent many more hours catching up on YouTube videos, especially Dave Ridley's video reports.

The last of the visitors left this morning. There might have been some stuff left behind - I'll have to check if there is a lost and found set up. It was good to have the guys here, and I'm sure Otis appreciated the extra attention he got, but it sure is good to have the house back.

After all the hubbub and excitement, I need a break. Then I hope to put some time in at the capitol, helping the NH Liberty Alliance defend our freedom.

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