Chasing cars is bad

Tue, 01/01/2008 - 14:34 -- rhelwig

You'd think that getting hit by a truck and breaking your leg in 13 places would teach a dog not to run after cars. No such luck with Otis.

Yesterday while the drive was getting plowed, we heard a yelp. Otis came limping up the drive, and after some checking, we went to the vet.

After spending $225 on stuff like X-rays and drugs, we found out that he broke a pelvic bone. Apparently this bone connects to the spinal area in four places. One of these is separated, and another might have a fracture. If he needs pins, that will be an extra $1,000 or so.

So now we have a very sore and passive puppy. Doctor's orders are for him to move as little as possible for the next 4-5 weeks. He's on some apparently good drugs for now.

Thanks to Dr. Anthony for the triage and driving to the vet.

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Just read your blog. Give him hug from Mike, Geannina and Dory.