Busy as a beaver

Sun, 09/28/2008 - 19:03 -- webmaster

As the video partially illustrates, I have been busy. I built the pathway down to the shore through some bushes in a couple of months. I had to hack out the trail (which had regrown after Roger moved back to Minnesota) and then I built it up to get it above the normal waterline.

I used a bunch of "hard pack" road gravel and native rocks to build up the path so that it slopes gently down. Then I covered it with dirt and tossed out grass seed.

Now I need to finish hacking apart a small boulder and build a short retaining wall, so I can finish the flat area. The eventual plan is to make a nice seating area - maybe put a small table and a couple of chairs there. I'll also trim some of the bushes to improve the view.

Just before making the video, I took Otis out for a Boat Ride! Otis loves to go for boat rides almost as much as he likes riding in the car. We got a bunch of pictures using my cellphone's weak camera, most of which aren't worth posting. The rain and fog, as well as the cameraman's unfamiliarity with the equipment made them come out poorly. [Maybe next time I'll check to make sure the camera isn't in close-up mode - D'oh!]

Otis boating in the rain Otis boating in the rain 2 Otis boating in the rain 3 Otis boating in the rain 4

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