PorcFest 2012 Report

Wed, 06/27/2012 - 21:22 -- webmaster

PorcFest is an amazing week long gathering of liberty lovers that is not to be missed, and each year it gets even better. This year was no exception, as the Osbornes and all the other volunteers put together a nearly flawless event.

As in the past few years, I was very busy promoting Shire Silver. But unlike the last two years, this time I got to relax a little and enjoy it. This was in great part due to the Moneylith, which allowed me to stray from the store.

Malcolm about to enjoy some agorist ice creamThis was Malcolm's third PorcFest, and this time he got to run around and play a lot with the other children. There was a playground with swings, a swimming pool, lots of hills and trees, all kinds of people to meet, and just lots of fun stuff. In the family zone they had built a really cool castle out of cardboard, and Malcolm got a lot of enjoyment out of that.

As Cass and I were splitting up the nights we had him, I was also able to get some adult relaxation time. This was something I was sorely missing from the last two PorcFests, where I spent all of each day working and had Malcolm each night. There was no way I was going to repeat that a third year, so even though it wasn't a perfect situation, splitting up the nights finally allowed me to really enjoy PorcFest this year.

The food was pretty good this year, and even though I tried lots of good stuff there were three items I didn't get around to. I really wanted to try one of Celestina's fatcats, but I was trying to eat healthy and even though a little splurging is OK every now and then, I just couldn't fit it in. Thunder Dave's red beans and rice sure looked good, but I was just too late to get any of that. And the Ward's breakfast tacos seemed like a really good idea, but my timing was bad on that too.

As I didn't bring along any food, I ate out for every meal. For breakfast the best deal I could find was at the Silver Saloon, who had a pretty good omelet with veggies and hash browns. Of course I had to have one of Mandrik's gyros, and that was satisfying. The food at Our Food Your Gullet was also quite a deal, even if the crew made a lot of noise and upset a few people.

As well as participating in some panels, radio shows, and events, I got to hear a few speakers. I even got to stay up late a couple nights and just hang out and talk as if I was a social being. Of course I have my limits as to how much of that I can stand, but it was good to be able to do that without feeling guilty about not working.

One of the things about PorcFest that makes it a blast is that there's so much going on. Most of it is little things, like the drone one guy was flying, or some cool agorist merchandise, or a handful of new friends made - most of which are too small to be worth writing about. But when there's dozens of things like that, it makes for a wonderful experience that shouldn't be missed. If you've never been to it you should plan to go next year.

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