Great Coffee with Bitcoins

Sun, 11/25/2012 - 11:30 -- webmaster

Back when I had a lot of cash I started turning into a sort of coffee snob. I had a nice coffee maker with a built in water source as well as a good burr grinder. I tried different grind settings and many different roasts and blends, over time finding my personal preferences. But eventually the good times went away, and for years now I've had to settle for what I can afford.

But a free promotion from Bitcoin Coffee gave me a chance to try something new, and so I jumped on the opportunity. They were just starting out and were looking for new customers, and were giving away small samples. I got mine in the mail not long after asking. Unfortunately I've been out of the bean grinding routine for so long that I hadn't even considered that they might send unground beans, and I'd long ago gotten rid of my grinder. So the beans have been sitting there for around a month, unopened, in their plastic bag.

This morning I got up to find that we were short on coffee, so I did what the intelligent desparate always do: I improvised. I found a sturdy metal ring that I used to use to make my Manly Buns, and I went out on the front steps. I crushed the beans on the bricks, rolling the ring over the bag. The grind was rough and the bits were large, but then back when I was into grinding I found that I prefer a coarse grind. I was worried that the inconsistency of the grind might be a problem but I tried it anyway.

The Ethiopean Mocha Harrar turned out excellent, if slightly weaker than I prefer. I'm guessing if the grind was more consistent it would have been stronger, but it was still damn good. I tried a sip of it black (I'm a cream and sugar guy) and it was smooth and had a good flavor - almost good enough to drink black. After putting in some sugar and ice cream it became the best coffee I've had in years, possibly as good as anything I've ever had. A second mug using light cream instead of ice cream was almost as good.

As I have no idea what a 1/4th pound is, I don't have a clue as to how costly it is. I wish we could get off this damn imperial system and get to using the metric system like civilized people. But if it's a decent deal for you then I suggest you try it and maybe the other available flavors as well. And checking this morning I see that they now have ground coffee available, so that excuse to not try it is gone.

One thing they might consider is a subscription service. Now that they do have ground coffee available, a weekly delivery of fresh ground could be a winner. Once my debts are paid off and I'm in better financial shape, I'll be going back for more.

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