More morning musing

Tue, 04/08/2014 - 10:29 -- webmaster

This morning I tried my first shower in the RV. It took me a while to get it clean enough to use, but it is a decent setup.

RV shower basinThankfully I have already become acquainted with navy showers. Since the hot water tank is only six gallons, I knew I couldn't take a regular shower where you leave the water on the whole time. My variant is to turn on the water, wet my head, soap up my head, rinse my head, then wet my body, and then shut off the water. Then I soap up everything else and then turn on the water and do a final rinse. I can see how if you are small, six gallons of hot water might be enough, especially since this shower is equivalent to a low-flow water saving shower head. Unfortunately I am above average in size, and six gallons just isn't quite enough. I think I'll either look for a ten gallon tank or find an on-demand heater that turns on with smaller flows (look for "Minimum Activation Rate ").

The shape of the shower is an interesting one I haven't seen before. The basin is essentially a shallow tub, which might be useful for small children and dogs. It has a nice area where you can place your feet or even sit, making it easier to wash your feet than in a typical shower where you have to have excellent balance to wash the lowest extremities.

RV shower ceilingBut there are two things I would definitely change here. One is that the shower head's hose is just not long enough. The placement of the faucet controls would mitigate that, although at the expense of the tub nature. The other is that the space isn't tall enough. When standing up straight, my head hits the ceiling everywhere except directly under the fan. An additional 6 inches of height would make a huge difference.

I also tried some "nature friendly" soap. In this case it was One With Nature brand Shea Butter Soap. The smell is fine, and the soaping & sudsing factor was good; but it did leave me with a gross 'still have soap on me' feeling. As a guy who has always had oily skin, this is disappointing. I can deal with it, but you don't feel as clean as with something more conventional like Irish Spring (my usual soap). I would expect, however, that there are soaps out there that are more natural without the excess moisturizer.

Another problem is that there isn't enough room in the shower itself or in the bathroom to towel off. The bedroom is also too cramped, so I had to go into the kitchen/living room to do that. Good thing no one else is home :-)

But with just the few modifications mentioned I can see this working out fine. My plan (see the first draft here) does have more space in the bathroom, and that will be a big help.