Can you dig it?

Mon, 06/16/2014 - 14:13 -- webmaster

From Mystery Men, the ShovelerLately I've been doing a lot of shoveling. Not quite enough to get me to superhero status, but hey, who knows.

One of the big projects was when we had to remove a retaining wall. The retaining wall's foundation was not removed, but we needed to put a french drain between the retaining wall's foundation and a shipping container building. Of course, after putting in the drain we realized the utilities needed to go under the french drain - damn.

So I spent a bunch of time digging up a section of the french drain, under the foundation, and up the side of the hill all to make a path for the utilities. Then we moved the utility lines (electric and water) and I filled the ditch back up. Next we have to turn the hill/slope into a terraced garden.

The current task is to place the monk for a pond. An excavator dug the ditch we needed for the monk, but of course it requires manual filling in so as not to damage the monk.

A monk allows you to control the level of the water in the pond. It is basically a tube that allows water to flow out, and the opening can be set at the level you want. By placing the beginning of the tube vertically, it helps keep it from getting clogged.