Creating stuff on Patreon

Tue, 08/04/2020 - 14:00 -- webmaster

A few days ago I finally created an account on Patreon: The Elementary DM. I've been looking for ways to earn money doing the things I love, and what's not to love about D&D? I also am a strong believer that education should be widely available and fun, while allowing everyone as much choice in how they learn as possible. I'll be using this Patreon account to share what I've been learning while dungeon mastering for grade school age kids.

I have a set of ideas for articles to write, and I intend to learn to make videos. While they typically don't have as much real information as more scholarly articles do, videos are more engaging and can reach a far bigger audience. A great example of this is Jackson Crawford ( ) who is a professor of medieval languages and creates videos about the old Norse language and the Vikings. He's done so much educating online that he has been able to quit working at old-school colleges.

But if you have any ideas for content, whether it's crafting with/for kids, articles about herding catskids, or just how to better use D&D as a way to sneak in more education, I'd love to hear your ideas. And please at least follow me on Patreon. The more social networking I get, the more it will get promoted.

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