Going OMAD?

Sun, 11/08/2020 - 22:57 -- webmaster

My health journey over the last 3-4 years has been quite a ride. After seventeen years as a vegetarian, my health had deteriorated significantly and I ended up having a B-12 deficiency. I had gained weight, had experienced over 20 years of anxiety and panic attacks, and was fairly lethargic.

A few friends had been talking about the benefits of the Keto diet, but I hadn't been very receptive. But one mentioned magnesium in a blog he wrote, spelling out a lot of the benefits of that. I looked into it, doing my own research, and I saw a lot of symptoms being listed as signs of deficiency that were familiar. So I tried supplementing with additional magnesium and found that it helped with many of the problems I'd been having.

After that, I started doing more research. I started taking potassium, based on what I'd learned. And I started to feel better, good enough to increase the amount of exercise I was getting. And then I finally started cooking more keto meals and eventually added intermittent fasting. By this time I was feeling a lot better and was a lot healthier.

And now I find myself going OMAD and actually liking it. OMAD, a diet lifestyle where you eat One Meal A Day, has intermittent fasting built-in, plus it is simpler and takes less time out of your day. And it can be done pretty cheaply too.

Here's a video of the meal I made today.

It only has three ingredients (plus seasoning) and the meal itself costs around $5.

I made the video partly for practice for me so I can work on my presentation skills and learn more video editing. But my son got to help as well, being the cameraman. I think he did a pretty good job for a ten year old.