Why I Won't Be Supporting Fred Thompson

Sun, 09/09/2007 - 12:37 -- rhelwig

A good friend of mine noticed that I support Ron Paul for President. He asked me what I thought of Fred Thompson. Now for most people I'd either ignore them or give them a quick answer. However, this guy is intelligent, thoughtful, and worth giving a more complete answer. So I did some research on Fred Thompson. Here's why I won't be supporting him.

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Big Debate

Wed, 06/06/2007 - 12:32 -- rhelwig
I went to the Republican debate site at St. Anselm's college yesterday. I held a Ron Paul sign and was interviewed 4 times! There was well over 100, probably closer to 200, Ron Paul supporters there - more than for any other candidate. When they would start chanting, we would chant over them. Eventually they gave up. The best chant we had (IMHO) was "We're not just the Internet". :-)
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