How to communicate with anxiety-ridden introverts

Sat, 05/19/2012 - 20:43 -- webmaster

This modern age has been bestowed with multiple forms of communication, most of them virtually instantaneous. We have phone, email, chat, text messaging (SMS), and other mixes and variants on those basic capabilities. For most people, this amount of connectivity is amazing and enhances life to an amazing extent. And for the most part, I think so too. But too much connectivity has its down sides, especially for people like me.

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Old SW Resume

Sabbatical 2006 - present I have taken a lot of time off to re-evaluate what I want to do with my life. Much of that time has been spent mastering web development using Drupal, with the intention of becoming a web consultant. Programmer at PLATO Learning, Inc. 2001 – 2006 Worked as part of a team on a web based curriculum management system: * Ported existing data tier from Borland Paradox to MS SQL Server 2000. * Maintained, refactored, and enhanced the data tier. * Created and maintained test utilities.

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