Using Less with Omega

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So I'm working on a website and I finally got time to look into using Less. Its a cool tool that allows you to write CSS like a computer language instead of just a bunch of weirdly disconnected styling statements. It looks like it could increase productivity and make editing significantly easier. And of course there's a Drupal module to make it easy.

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Website Development

After a dozen years working as a MS Windows developer, I began a transition to web development. Part of my last Windows job was working with a website's back end, so moving to the web seemed natural. The web is where its at, and anyone that doesn't have a web presence is losing out on many opportunities.

With the help of a strong mentor, I picked up Drupal, one of the most powerful Content Management Systems (CMS) out there. It has a somewhat long learning curve, but once mastered it is an amazing tool. It might be more power than a small site needs, but it can provide you with power that you might not have thought you needed. Like Steve Jobs once noted, you don't need a lot of computing power to crunch numbers but you can use all that extra power to make it easier to use. That's Drupal, when it is configured properly.

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SEO and Content Guidelines

Setting Up SEO

  1. Enable Clean URLs
  2. Enable Path Module and install and enable Pathauto (pathauto), Global Redirect (globalredirect), and Token (token) Modules.
  3. Configure the Pathauto Module
  4. Install and enable the Meta Tags (metatag or for D6 nodewords) Module.
  5. Install enable the Page Title (page_title) Module
  6. Do NOT install a Sitemap Module.
  7. Recommended: create a custom front page

There is also the SEO Checklist (seo_checklist) module that can serve as an easy guide.

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Site Config Notes

This page holds some notes, tips, and best practices for configuring Drupal sites.

User Settings Config

Always make sure that the Require e-mail verification when a visitor creates an account checkbox is checked.

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Here are some performance tips and notes for Drupal sites.

  • When using Google Analytics, the Drupal core optional module Statistics can be turned off.
  • The Drupal core optional module Database logging should be turned off on live sites when not debugging.
  • Each view should have its own cache settings set. Exception: Ubercart views should not have caching!


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Drupal Input Formats

When setting up a new site, we usually want to make an input filter that can be used safely by un-trusted visitors. Sometimes its just for comments, but sometimes its also for posting new pages. In either case, this list of HTML elements should be sufficient yet safe.

Filtered (i.e. Safe) HTML

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