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An unnamed FSP participant

Back in early 2011 I got the first co-branding order for Shire Silver. When cutting the metal there is always some error, so I cut the pieces slightly larger than the expected weight so that the smallest ones would still be at least that. So the initial estimate for the amount of metal needed was off by some percent, and I was short. Since then I've not only improved my cutting accuracy, but also improved my metal requirements estimates. So if you have some of the older Shire Silver cards, you probably have, on average, a few percent more of the precious metal than the newer more accurate cards.

The expected order consisted of
1gAg: 1000 cards
5gAg: 48 cards
0.1gAu: 111 cards
0.5gAu: 15 cards

At the delivery meeting I delivered
1gAg: 901 cards
5gAg: 48 cards
0.1gAu: 107 cards
0.5gAu: 15 cards

So I was only short 99 one gram silver and 4 tenth gram gold cards. But I also gave them a full set of the regular cards (before adding the half gram silver and twentieth gram gold cards to the lineup) so including those wipes out the deficit for the gold cards and brings the silver gram card deficit down to 93.

So unless I hear different from this person I'm going with the 93 gram silver number, which at today's prices comes out to $176.70.

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