Duly Sworn

Tue, 04/10/2007 - 09:53 -- rhelwig
I am now a duly sworn elected official in Deerfield NH. Yesterday I visited the town office, and the clerk there took my oath of office. I'm now another in what will hopefully be a long line of Free State Project members who have gotten elected. The office I ran for (admittedly unopposed) was the Trustee of the Trust Funds. The job apparently involves making sure that the approximately 1 million dollars that the town has voted to invest is being handled properly. That includes making sure that any money withdrawn is only spent on things the town has approved. Some of the money is in a sort of permanent trust - only the returns on the investment are spent. For example, there are a couple of funds for maintaining cemeteries. They are large enough that the approximately 5% return is enough to pay for maintaining the grounds. I think this is an excellent idea and I sometimes wish that excess taxes (surpluses) could be put into a permanent trust. The returns could be used to lower future taxes. Better yet, you could use half of the returns to lower taxes, and the other half to grow the principle. Eventually, you wouldn't need any taxes at all! (In theory at least)
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