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Why I Won't Be Supporting Fred Thompson

Sun, 09/09/2007 - 12:37 -- rhelwig

A good friend of mine noticed that I support Ron Paul for President. He asked me what I thought of Fred Thompson. Now for most people I'd either ignore them or give them a quick answer. However, this guy is intelligent, thoughtful, and worth giving a more complete answer. So I did some research on Fred Thompson. Here's why I won't be supporting him.

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Building a Hobbit Hole in Grafton

Mon, 09/03/2007 - 10:16 -- rhelwig

My roommate Anthony and I went up to Grafton to help Kat and Russell work on their new home. We hadn't seen it before, and all we knew was that they are building it using the 'rammed earth' technique. When we showed up, Lloyd, Mike(?), and the family had just started working on digging the trenches for the foundation and using the dirt to level off the area. Anthony and I started helping just about the time they all went off for lunch.

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Surprise Visit

Sun, 08/05/2007 - 23:09 -- rhelwig

After taking Otis for a walk this morning, the people that I bought the land from dropped by for a surprise visit. I gave them a tour of the place, and we talked a bit. I had been meaning to invite them to visit, but never got around to it.

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Back online

Sat, 07/21/2007 - 20:58 -- webmaster

The hard drives on the laptop finally failed, but luckily I had already ordered replacements and copied all my valuable data.

I tried out a Linux variant, but apparently the drivers for my RAID controller are insufficient. Thus I had to re-install MS Windows. If I could have gotten it working with Linux, I would have also had to install something called cedega - that supposedly would allow it to run the Windows version of Civilization 4.

I do have Civilization 4 installed and operational, which is key. It didn't work until I applied the 1.61 patch.

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RAID is good!

Thu, 07/12/2007 - 19:16 -- rhelwig

The laptop has been flaking out the last week or so. This afternoon it crashed and on reboot I got an error message. The system just wouldn't reboot.

Thankfully, I got it with a RAID setup. After removing one of the hard drives, I'm back to work.

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