Website Portfolio

These are some of the sites I've worked on over the past few years. To make the scrolling stop, click the pause link at the bottom or just hover over the image. For more information go to Web Development or contact.
Screenshot of Trinity Landscape

This site is basically a brochure site for a small business, with the added functionality of an online form for requesting quotes for landscaping jobs. It has easy to use WYSIWYG editing with pictures and simplified SEO entry.

A picture gallery automatically retrieves and displays photos from a Picasa album, making editing the photo gallery a snap, using an already familiar service to do the heavy lifting. Also included is Twitter and Facebook feeds showing the latest updates as well as an on-site blog.

Screenshot of Torly Kid

This is slightly more than just a brochure site. We were given the design and had to make the site look like that. Much of the work was done by a young web developer that I was mentoring, so I certainly can't take all the credit for this site; but it is representative of the kind of work I can do.

Screenshot of Shorty's Mex

Another site I worked on, but mostly as a mentor to a young developer with the design given to us. With a mailing list and online gift card purchases, this site had some interesting customizations.

Screenshot of Shire Silver

Shire Silver is my other primary business, and the website has lots of functionality. As well as a full e-commerce suite with pricing customizations and shipping integration with the U.S. Postal Service, it has a unique bit of custom coding to reliably retrieve precious metals prices regularly from several sources - validating the input automatically.

Screenshot of

This site aggregates and displays hundreds of videos, pulling them automatically from the originating video hosts and displaying them in one neat place. It utilizes an e-commerce suite to allow donors to set up recurring donations in addition to one-time gifts.

Screenshot of Porc Manor

This was one of my activism sites, now in the hands of another activist. Allowing landlords to list their properties for a heavily targeted market of renters, this one uses geo-location data to map out available properties making it easy for prospective tenants to connect with landlords. In addition, it uses an e-commerce suite to automatically handle landlord site fees.

Yes, the design could be better, but this site isn't really worth putting much more effort into at this point. The design is a standard theme that comes with Drupal, so it is well supported.

Screenshot of Murphy's Taproom

The Taproom website is more than just a brochure and menu restaurant site. In addition to those standard capabilities, it has a full e-commerce suite allowing events to be scheduled and tickets sold. Menu items can be added and edited singly, so messing up an entire menu page just doesn't happen.

Screenshot of

The LPNH site was quite a feat. Not only adding in all the stuff you'd expect of a professional party website, but the backend has a full Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite that allows much of the party's records and bookkeeping to occur online securely.

Screenshot of Ken Blevens

This was a simple and basic candidate website. It isn't much more than an inexpensive brochure site, but that fit well with the financially conservative beliefs of the candidate.

Screenshot of Greg Surbey

This candidate site has pretty much all the same functionality as the big boys have. The design came from an expert graphic artist, and I added all the other stuff. Big name candidates got very similar sites for upwards of $50,000 but this one cost the candidate a fraction of that.

Screenshot of

This site is your typical small business brochure site. Not much to it, but inexpensive while being everything the business needs.