Cheap Nutritious Winter Breakfast

Sun, 12/14/2014 - 08:06 -- webmaster


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Winter requires a hot breakfast, one that fills you up and prepares you for a good morning of work. This one does it for me and does a decent job of providing good nutrition at a low cost while being easy to make.

Due to my particular circumstances I get my eggs and bacon for free. But even if you have to pay full retail for them its still pretty cheap. You should certainly be able to make this for less than $3 in total cost, and my cost is less than $1.

Start with the bacon in a non-stick pan. No added oil or other fats are needed. Fry it up for a couple minutes until the pieces are separated.


Next add the veggies and some salt. Fry that until the spinach is unfrozen and the chunks are broken apart. Fry an additional minute or so to make sure its thoroughly cooked, then add any spices. I like to use lots of pepper and sometimes some paprika and/or a spice mix called Tuscan seasoning.


Now add the eggs and scramble them into the mix well. This part only takes a minute or so since the pan and the other ingredients are well heated.


Once you are satisfied the eggs are done, pour it all out into a bowl or onto a plate. Take a paper towel and wipe out the pan to clean it, no washing necessary!


1 c
Bacon (Cut up into proper pieces)
1 c
Potatoes (Diced)
1 c
Spinach (Chopped & bagged)



A bag of frozen chopped spinach is about $1.20 and I get 5 cups from that so each spinach portion costs less than 25 cents.

A bag of diced potatoes (i.e. hash browns) costs about $2 and I get at least 5 cups from that so each potato portion costs about 40 cents.

A dozen eggs can still be gotten for around $1.50 so each egg portion costs about 25 cents.

I don't know about the bacon, but I imagine you could get 4 portions from a typical $5 package. I'd estimate roughly $1.25 for the bacon.

That totals up to $2.15, not including the salt and spices. I'm sure you can do better if you try.