Pizza Dough

Mon, 04/09/2007 - 21:29 -- rhelwig


Prep time20 minutes
Cooking time
Total time20 minutes


Just your basic pizza dough.


2 c
Warm water (about 120 degrees)
2 T
2 t
2 T
Olive Oil
5 1⁄2 c
Bread Flour


Rinse the mixing bowl in hot water. (This cleans it out and heats it up a bit)
Add the water and measure its temp. If it is over 120F, wait until it drops before adding the yeast.
Add the honey, then the yeast, then the olive oil.
Let sit for 5 minutes.

Add the flour, and mix on 2.

You do have a Kitchen Aide stand mixer, right?

After it is thoroughly mixed and pulls away from the sides, pour more olive oil on it, rubbing it all over. Put some plastic wrap over it, not tightly, and let it sit for an hour or two.


When using it in deep dish pizza, put several pats of butter on the bottom of the dish before putting the crust in. That will make it very buttery and crisp it better.

Also be sure to let the mixer knead it for a few minutes. That will help the gluten form.