SEO and Content Guidelines

Setting Up SEO

  1. Enable Clean URLs
  2. Enable Path Module and install and enable Pathauto (pathauto), Global Redirect (globalredirect), and Token (token) Modules.
  3. Configure the Pathauto Module
  4. Install and enable the Meta Tags (metatag or for D6 nodewords) Module.
  5. Install enable the Page Title (page_title) Module
  6. Do NOT install a Sitemap Module.
  7. Recommended: create a custom front page

There is also the SEO Checklist (seo_checklist) module that can serve as an easy guide. Still need to investigate SEO Compliance Checker and Content Optimizer. Alchemy looks interesting too.

Duplicate Content from /node

By default, the front page of a Drupal site has nearly identical content to the page at /node. Search engines are going to spider and index /node because on the paginated home page view, the link to the first page in the series points at /node.
The fix for this is simple — always use a custom front page when building a Drupal site.

Writing Content


This is a good overview describing how "About Us" details should work. About Us Information on Websites

Donation pages on donation pages

Writing for SEO

  • Be sure to use alt tags for images.
  • Try to make image file names have keywords.
  • Page titles should use appropriate keywords.
  • Make sure the text content uses keywords, but not too much. Search engines need keywords in the text, but if they see too much they'll think you're keyword stuffing.
  • Don't try the "hidden text, same color as background" hack - search engines can tell and will consider you a keyword stuffer.
  • Javascript and images don't get seen by engines.
  • Keep site active - fresh content.
  • Links from other sites to yours always help - more is better.
  • The meta description should be different on every page for best results. The meta description should be one or two brief sentences to summarize the page. It should be written for your human visitors, but it is not a bad idea to tastefully and sparingly insert a couple of your keywords. Often when a search engine lists your site in the search engine results pages, it will use your page's HTML title for the title, and your meta description for the text snippet. That is why the meta description should be written with human visitors in mind. You want a text snippet that is going to make them want to click on the link.


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