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After a dozen years working as a MS Windows developer, I began a transition to web development. Part of my last Windows job was working with a website's back end, so moving to the web seemed natural. The web is where its at, and anyone that doesn't have a web presence is losing out on many opportunities.

With the help of a strong mentor, I picked up Drupal, one of the most powerful open source Content Management Systems (CMS) out there. It has a somewhat long learning curve, but once mastered it is an amazing tool. It might be more power than a small site needs, but it can provide you with power that you might not have thought you needed. Like Steve Jobs once noted, you don't need a lot of computing power to crunch numbers but you can use all that extra power to make it easier to use. That's Drupal, when it is configured properly.

I have built a variety of Drupal websites, from small blogs to restaurant websites with menus and photos to full e-commerce sites selling and shipping products to the whole world. Maybe I can help you build the site you need.

Standard with all the websites I build comes a WYSIWYG editor to make content creation and editing easy and tools to make SEO work for you. Doing all the hard configuration and setup is what makes it easy for you, and I'm glad to do it!

Optionally, I can also manage the website for you; applying security patches and upgrading functionality when new features and bug fixes come in. I usually charge $40/month to do this and that includes up to two hours of additional website work per month.

So if you'd like to hire me to build your website, or just want to find out more, please use my contact form and send me a message. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Check out my website portfolio.

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